The European Society for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies (ESITIS) is an international and interdisciplinary society for the scholarly study of intercultural theology and interreligious relations. It was established in Amsterdam 19 March 2005.

Quote about ESITIS:
It is in meetings like ESITIS — and its counterparts around the world — that the future of our understanding of ourselves as intelligent religious persons is being worked out, written, taught.”
(Francis X. Clooney in his blog after the Salzburg conference in 2009)


  • The sixth ESITIS conference took place in Münster, Germany, on 26-29 April 2017. The conference’s theme was Religion and Politics in the Crisis of Engagement: Towards the Relevance of Intercultural Theologies and Interreligious Studies. About 80 participants spent three days attending sessions with stimulating papers that ignited lively discussion. The six plenary sessions addressed the following issues: 1) The future of political theologies and discourses of engagement; 2) Facing new politics and religion entanglements: critical study of religion perspectives; 3) Migrants, refugees and religion: negotiating intercultural stress; 4) Religions engaging trauma, conflict, and peace; 5) Making peace with Islam: Islamic approaches to peacemaking; 6) Towards engaged intercultural theologies and interreligious studies [see the full programme]. During two afternoon parallel short paper sessions about 30 other participants had the opportunity to present their recent findings and engage in discussions about the presented topics.

    Although most of the society’s members are based in Europe, it develops and maintains links with scholars from other continents. That was visible, for example, in the number of speakers and participants coming from the US, Canada, and the Middle East. The conference provided the occasion for launching a new journal: Interreligious Studies and Intercultural Theology (ISIT) [see the journal/Publisher webpage]. Steps were also taken to mark the presence of ESITIS members at the American Academy of Religion (AAR), where ESITIS, together with ISIT, the Journal of Interreligious Studies (JIRS), the newly established Association for Interreligious/Interfaith Studies (AIIS), and The Pluralism Project at Harvard will arrange a pre-AAR workshop on Friday, 17 November 2017.

  • In Memoriam Henk Vroom (1945-2014), co-founder of ESITIS and of Studies in Interreligious Dialogue

  • Paolo dall’Oglio S.J. kidnapped in northern Syria since end of July

  • Studies 2013 ESITIS conference was held 10-13 April in Bilbao, Spain – hosted by the Faculty of Theology, University of Deusto. Theme: “Contested Spaces, Common Ground?” (see conference page). In the General Meeting which was held during the  conference, it was agreed to open up for institutional membership in ESITIS (see Membership).