#ESITIS2022 Acknowledgements

The #ESITIS2022 conference “Sacred Protest: Religion, Power and Resistance in an Era of Upheaval” is the product of many hands.

The organizing team in the ESITIS board consisted of:

  • Safet Bektovic
  • Yaser Ellethy
  • Julianne Funk
  • Anne Hege Grung
  • Henry Jansen
  • Jagbir Jhutti-Johal
  • Matthew Ryan Robinson

Beyond these members, the entire ESITIS board contributed many hours of careful discussion to make sure the conference was prepared excellently. Their hard work is sincerely appreciated.

In Bonn, the entire G_NET team pitched in throughout the planning period, with all hands on deck in the end, to prepare a smoothly run and safely managed conference experience. Saskia Held, Miriam Dorlass, Julia Wesser, Lani Anaya Jimenéz, Hannah Jeong, Jan Thelen, Johannes Fröh, Elorm Nick Ahialey-Mawusi – thank you all for your energy, creativity, and commitment to excellence!

The conference was supported financially and institutionally by many partners at the University of Bonn. The organizers wish to thank:

  • The Bonn Global Collaboration Fund
  • The Protestant Theological Faculty
  • The Catholic Theological Faculty
  • The Old Catholic Seminar
  • The Center for Comparative Theology and Social Issues
  • The Area for the Study of Philosophy and Theorie of Religions
  • The Center for Religion and Society (ZERG)
  • The Master of Ecumenical Studies Program.

With gratitude,

Matthew Ryan Robinson
G_NET Organizer
Director of the Department of Intercultural Theology
Protestant Theological Faculty
University of Bonn